December 22, 2020 Julie Hyslop

Adapting to have a Merry Christmas & New Year

This time of the year we say the words often and send them in greetings to the acquaintances, family and friends ‘Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ but given the hectic and at times extremely unpredictable year we have had this year the sentiment expressed in the greeting provides cause for contemplation.

With us all having lived through an unprecedented year, this greeting causes us to ask the question; What exactly is a Happy New Year and Christmas’? Is it now a 2021 COVID free with no pandemic on the horizon and a vaccine distributed that allows us to travel wherever we want? or is it a Christmas where everyone is happy on the day and everything runs smoothly and we a delighted with all our gifts?

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that life can be messy both on a personal level and also on a broader community and even global level and if we wait until everything is perfect and just the way we think it should be then most likely we will never have a ‘Merry Christmas and New Year’.

This year we have had to focus on adapting to change whether we have liked it or not, and while this has not been easy the lessons learnt of resilience and adaptability have been worthwhile and can even provide us with a strong platform to take into Christmas and the New Year. An example of this is early this year having to cancel a holiday would have created great disappointment, now there seems to be more of an attitude of ‘lets just wait and see if we can go’ and if not we can do some fun stuff at home!

Being adaptable with our expectations can free us to enjoy ‘whatever’ comes our way. While planning and goal setting is still extremely important and core to the process of arranging our lives, this year has reminded us all that there are areas of our lives and the people and community in it, that we have absolutely no control over and sometimes we just have to go with whatever may come our way and adapt accordingly.

So here at Income Solutions, when we extend the sentiment of ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’, we are not wishing you a perfect Christmas hoping that all your Christmas Wishes come true or a New Year where everything in your life is just perfect and you never have to deal with problems or disappointments, we are wishing you moments of happiness and joy through resilience, endeavor and of course good health to allow you to navigate the messy and exciting world that we share with each other.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Team at Income Solutions.

Click on this cute ‘Friends’ New Years Eve party clip showing that never has the need for adaptable expectations been required more than on New Years Eve:

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