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Major Investment Goals

An investment in Yourself, Your Career or Your Business can provide you with the tools to increase your wealth and build your capital base.
A capital base, when invested within the principals of the Income Solutions investment strategy, will allow you to build an income for life and plan for and live the lifestyle that you choose:

Over the many years Income Solutions has been operating, it has been a privilege to witness how our clients have both personally and financially flourished when they have chosen to implement this investment combination.
It is never too late or too early to get started on building your Capital Base as this can be achieved in unison with fulfilling your own unique dreams and priorities.
The following video provides further details on building your Capital Base from Income Solutions Principal, David Ramsay:

Building a Lifestyle

The first step in planning for the lifestyle that you want to live is to build your capital base (the money and assets you own) to where it will not only fund your lifestyle in the short term but will generate enough ongoing revenue that your income will continue to build and be replaced, thus providing you with an income for many more years to come together with creating a foundation for intergenerational wealth.

In speaking to people about what is important to them many of their main priorities include.

~ Family
~ Travel
~ Home
~ Entertainment
~ Leisure

It is crucial to identify whatever it is that is important to you as this will assist you in answering the core vital questions, How Much? Where from? and When?

Whatever your answers to these questions maybe and whatever priorities you identify when answering these vital questions, remember you only get one shot at life and it is worth planning for!

For further details regarding planning for your Lifestyle click on the following video link to hear from Income Solutions Principal, David Ramsay:

An Income for Life

Building your capital base is important as this is what will provide you with a passive, worry free, consistent and tax effective increasing income ~ An Income that will provide you with choices and options into the future for you and your family.
In looking closely at what makes up your Capital Base it is worth noting that typically your Capital Base comprises of one or more of the following:
~ Superannuation
~ Rental Properties
~ Term Deposits
~ Shares
An important point to make is that most people are focused on the capital value of their assets and often ignore the assets Income capabilities, but it is imperative to remember that it is the income provided by the asset within the capital base that provides you with ongoing funds and an income that will assist you with creating the lifestyle you choose.
When investing to build your capital base that will provide you with an income stream it is vital to consider that into the future ‘How Much is it going to take to do everything I wish to plan for’? Further, remembering that there are only 3 real asset classes that will produce an income, consisting of.
~ Cash
~ Property
~ Shares
Income Solutions has a proven and focused investment strategy that clearly details how our clients can build their capital base to increase and maximize long term income capabilities.
Please click on to the following short video title: ‘Building Your Capital Base’ to hear from Income Solutions Principal, David Ramsay providing further details:


At Income Solutions we believe that an investment in yourself will be by far the best investment you will ever make. By investing in yourself to build your skills and knowledge you are creating the foundations of a successful future.

An investment in Yourself, Your Career or Your Business may require money, time and discipline, together with a team of people such as a business mentor, personal trainer, accountant or financial planner. This team may be from varied backgrounds and with very different skill sets but it is important they have a shared understanding of your goals, dreams and aspirations.

It is never too late to get started investing in your greatest asset… YOU!

Click on the following short video to begin your YOU investment journey today:

Top 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Why It’s So Powerful:

This video is the second video in the Common Sense Investment series and next week we will be releasing Building Your Capital Base.


At Income Solutions we believe that there a three core questions that you need to answer in planning for a financially independent future.

The first of these questions is WHEN? When in your life and at what stage do you want the freedom to work because you want to and not because you must? Thus, allowing you to follow your passions and the opportunity of pursuing everyday what truly fulfils you.

The second of these questions is HOW MUCH? What is the income you will need to wake up each morning and live the life you envisage and provide you with the means to direct your focus and energy to what you care most about?

Lastly, the third of these questions is WHERE? Where is this income going to come from and how are you going to plan now for achieving this income stream into the future?

The above three questions are vital in planning your financial future, however if you are struggling to answer these questions don’t worry as over the coming eight weeks Income Solutions will be releasing a weekly series of short instructional videos to allow you to address clearly and in detail these fundamental financial questions.
Click on the following link to watch the first short video in this series titled: When?, How Much?, Where?

Stay tuned next week for video two titled : THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE


Given that for most of us superannuation provides a pathway to our financial future, providing us with a tax-free income stream for our retirement, it is worth noting key Tax and Superannuation legislation changes that will take place in 2021.

Superannuation Guarantee Increase:
There is a superannuation guarantee increase from 9.5% to 10% effect from 1 July 2021. This is part of a previously legislated increase to 12% by 2025. This superannuation guarantee contribution is what your employer by law is required to pay as part of their legal employment obligation. If you are an employee, there will be an increase in the amount being contributed to your superannuation account. If you are an employer, the increase will need to be factored into your 2021/22 budget.

Your Superannuation will follow you:
Your superannuation follows you from 1 July 2021, when an employee commences with an employer, the employer will pay superannuation benefits to the person’s existing fund (if they have one) or to their nominated fund. Default funds will only be used where a person has no existing super fund and does not choose a fund.
New enterprise agreements and workplace determinations will not be able to prevent employees from exercising a right to choose a superannuation fund. Restrictions in agreements and determinations entered into before 1 January will remain in force.

Minimum Pension Payment:
The 50% reduction in minimum pension payment for the 2020/21 financial year is scheduled to cease at the start of the new financial year on 1 July 2021. The SIS Regulations were amended so that the minimum payments from account based and market linked pensions were halved for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years. Unless the Government decides to extend the reduction in minimums for 2021/22, the minimum payments will revert to their usual rates. Note: After the GFC, during which the minimums were reduced by 50% for three years, the minimum rates did not immediately revert to their usual levels but were set at 75% for a further two years.

The Low- and Middle-Income Tax Offset:
The Low- and Middle-Income Tax Offset (LMITO) will cease from 1 July 2021. LMITO is not included in PAYG withholding schedules. Instead, it is calculated by the ATO when the person’s tax return is submitted. This means the cashflow effect will be delayed for 12 months, such as through lower a tax refund, additional tax payable or adjustments to PAYG instalments.

The above points are just a few of the key changes to Tax and Superannuation legislation for 2021 and beyond, and for a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of recent legislative changes please contact your adviser who will be able to assist you by providing details on how these changes may affect you.

Adapting to have a Merry Christmas & New Year

This time of the year we say the words often and send them in greetings to the acquaintances, family and friends ‘Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ but given the hectic and at times extremely unpredictable year we have had this year the sentiment expressed in the greeting provides cause for contemplation.

With us all having lived through an unprecedented year, this greeting causes us to ask the question; What exactly is a Happy New Year and Christmas’? Is it now a 2021 COVID free with no pandemic on the horizon and a vaccine distributed that allows us to travel wherever we want? or is it a Christmas where everyone is happy on the day and everything runs smoothly and we a delighted with all our gifts?

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that life can be messy both on a personal level and also on a broader community and even global level and if we wait until everything is perfect and just the way we think it should be then most likely we will never have a ‘Merry Christmas and New Year’.

This year we have had to focus on adapting to change whether we have liked it or not, and while this has not been easy the lessons learnt of resilience and adaptability have been worthwhile and can even provide us with a strong platform to take into Christmas and the New Year. An example of this is early this year having to cancel a holiday would have created great disappointment, now there seems to be more of an attitude of ‘lets just wait and see if we can go’ and if not we can do some fun stuff at home!

Being adaptable with our expectations can free us to enjoy ‘whatever’ comes our way. While planning and goal setting is still extremely important and core to the process of arranging our lives, this year has reminded us all that there are areas of our lives and the people and community in it, that we have absolutely no control over and sometimes we just have to go with whatever may come our way and adapt accordingly.

So here at Income Solutions, when we extend the sentiment of ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’, we are not wishing you a perfect Christmas hoping that all your Christmas Wishes come true or a New Year where everything in your life is just perfect and you never have to deal with problems or disappointments, we are wishing you moments of happiness and joy through resilience, endeavor and of course good health to allow you to navigate the messy and exciting world that we share with each other.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Team at Income Solutions.

Click on this cute ‘Friends’ New Years Eve party clip showing that never has the need for adaptable expectations been required more than on New Years Eve:

Shares made Tangible

Too often when we read about the share market or discuss topics concerning investment we are presented with a complexity and diversity of options and advice, but the key to successful investment in the share market can be straight forward and even simple!

One of the underpinning investment philosophies applied at Income Solutions was detailed in a book that was published in 2007 titled ‘The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Boyle’. Since this book was published the share market has tumbled and soared but the evidence over the last 13 years has shown that the principals applied and expressed in this book have endured and served investors at Income Solutions and more broadly very well.

The stated principal of investing in the All Industrial Index allows people to invest in a wide range of publicly listed share market stocks and then leave it alone. What a lot of us may not realise is the companies that we are investing in are already part of our everyday lives and the following diagram provides an example of how:

This table demonstrates that by investing is the Industrial Index you are investing in companies and products that provide a platform for our lifestyles. Also featured is ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ as by mentioning ABC Learning Centre’s we demonstrate it is not always ‘oranges and sunshine’ and sometimes companies do fail, but a lot do not and continue to thrive and provide investors with dividends and returns. The following table shows a snap shot of some of the companies in the All Industrial Index.

When a company may not be doing so well such as Qantas at the moment other companies may be thriving such as Woolworths, demonstrating that investing in shares doesn’t have to consist of prediction and expertise. Applying the principal of keeping it simple and investing in the All Industrial Index has proven over time to be a sound and effective long term option for investors.

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