Success: A Relative Term

How often have you been asked what you want to get out of life? How many times has the answer been something like ‘I want to be successful in…’

Let’s take the word success and break it down, shall we? The Oxford Dictionary defines success as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose¹. I Like the last 3 words in that definition; aim or purpose. In fact, I think we perceive the term success to mean something entirely different to the Oxford Dictionary definition, with is wrong and unfair. Too often we seem to measure our own success against somebody else’s. We forget the true way to be successful is to accomplish an aim or purpose. Our own aim or purpose, not somebody else’s.

Let’s look at a broad example. Take 2 Real Estate Agents. Agent A has sold 50 properties in the financial year at an average price of $500,000. Agent B has sold 25 at the same average price. Who would you deem more successful? At first thought, you could be forgiven for saying Agent A. However, we do not know what either agent’s aim or purpose was. If Agent A had aimed to sell 70 properties at $500,000 average, and Agent B had aimed to sell 20, which agent would be deemed more successful? One did not meet their aim, and one not only accomplished their aim, they managed to exceed it by 25%. I would say Agent B would have had a more successful year because they accomplished their own personal aim.

The clearest way to know whether you are successful is to have distinct KPI’s to meet. Your own KPI’s. If you aim to earn $100,000 in a year, this will be easily measured; you have cracked the tonne or you haven’t. If you don’t and your mate did, it is imperative not to consider that year unsuccessful because we do not know what your mates aim was. They may have earned $50,000 under budget. All we know is that your own KPI was not met, and rather than stew on it, the pragmatic approach is to put in place provisions to increase your chances of accomplishing your goal the next year.

Humans are notorious for comparing themselves against their peers. It is in our nature. A lot of us attempt to achieve certain goals that are not organic, and the main reason we want to achieve them is because ‘that is what we are meant to do’ or ‘so and so are doing it, why shouldn’t I?’

That is the first mistake.

Attempting to achieve something that is not organic, and you are not passionate about is setting yourself up for failure before you have even started. If you fail attempting to achieve something you are passionate about, you will have learned from the experience and will be better in the long run. Even the most widely ‘successful’ people in the world have failed along the way², most say they would not have achieved what they have without failing along the way. It keeps them grounded.

At Income Solutions, we regularly help our clients articulate what it is they truly want to accomplish. This forms part of your Purple Box; your goals. An individual’s own goals should be used as the main barometer to measure their success. Everybody is different. Everybody has different reasons. Most people want to retire financially secure, which again, has a different meaning for everybody. It is your personal goals that need to be drilled down upon and identified.

These accomplishments almost always deliver far greater satisfaction, and more often then not, will lead to the common goal of financial security.

Personally, I do not really care if I am the wealthiest person in my friendship group when I retire. I will not measure my success using this metric.

A good client of our has a great saying: “I do not want to be the wealthiest man in the nursing home, or the cemetery.’ He and his wife managed to retire at an age most would consider quite young, now they have a wonderful life accomplishing the retirement goals they are passionate about, not somebody else’s. Therefore, I would call them very successful.

I have numerous personal goals I would like to accomplish; living abroad, continued charity donation, living on a modest acreage, the list goes on and on and will be different for everybody. My main goal or aim I am striving to accomplish is being able to choose whether or not I need to go to work or not by the age of 55 – or earlier – and donate my time to a couple of charities I hold dear, as well as ticking off some international destinations. At this point, I will need a capital base invested soundly enough to provide me with a passive income stream that will support mine and my family’s lifestyle, without earning a paycheck.

We can help you with understanding what this capital base should look like at Income Solutions!

The income stream that I deem enough will be decided by me, and I will not compare this income stream to any one else’s when determining it. If I use the various personal goals I have as stepping stones to reach my ultimate goal, I will be comfortable enough to call myself relatively successful.




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Staff Blog – Investing in yourself!

At Income Solutions, we as staff are taught to invest in ourselves – and for me, that investment came in the form of my physical health with cycling.

Two years ago I started occasionally bike riding with friends around the Bellarine area and to my surprise enjoyed it, so bought myself a basic bike and equipment and took up cycling as a serious (and expensive!) hobby.

I get asked sometimes how I stay motivated for cycling – long rides, sore bum, weather conditions. The truth is, once you’ve invested so much of your money and time into something, you’re automatically a bit more incentivized to continue. Then, as you become fitter and a more skilled cyclist, the desire to push yourself to new limits becomes more prevalent.

Currently, the furthest I have ridden is in the Great Ocean and Otway Classic Ride which was 145km’s. The race started off at 7am and I was able to cross the line at 12:45pm.

I’ve taken a bit of time off these last few months as it’s the off season and only been riding about twice a week, but with Summer not too far away I’ll be getting back into training soon of riding five times a week, with a combination of before work rides and longer trips on a weekend as well as throwing in some running. Two events that I’m particularly looking forward to this season are the Around the Bay in a Day – where I’ll trek 250km’s starting in Alexandra Gardens (Melbourne) out to Queenscliff, catching the ferry across to Sorrento and then riding along the coast back to the city, finishing up at Alexandra Gardens. The other event that I am looking forward to is Amy’s Gran Fondo – an event for the late Amy Gillet who tragically passed away in Germany, 2005 when she was representing Australia with a group of riders and a vehicle crashed into their squad during a training exercise. Not only does this ride raise awareness around the importance of the 1.5m rule – but the Otways (although one of the most challenging in Victoria) is rewarding because of the views you’re surrounded by along the way.

One of the reason’s why I love cycling so much, is that anyone with a bike and a pair of runners can participate – people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels can ride a route and at a pace that best suit’s them, while still getting all the benefits of physical fitness and taking in the sceneries.

I highly encourage anyone who has thought of taking up cycling to give it a go, it’s a great way to see new part’s of Victoria!

Associate by Day, Ironman by Night

Our very own Associate Adviser, Andy White, crossing the line of the Ironman Challenge
Our very own champion associate in Richmond, Andy White, competed in the Ironman Championships in Cairns earlier this month. The entire Income Solutions staff are very impressed and proud of his efforts!
Here’s a recap of his experience.


Andy 2 On Sunday the 12th of June I raced in the Ironman Asia Pacific Championships in Cairns. A great deal of preparation in the months prior had gone in to ensuring I was physically and mental prepared for the day. I came from an endurance sporting background, having rowed at a national level in my youth. I transitioned into long distance triathlon as a means to continue my competitive  pursuits and engage in something challenging  but highly rewarding.

I have competed in many half Ironman distance races and was encouraged to give the full distance a go by my  training partners;  Tom Clarke, Marcus Albiston, Michael Boffa & Georgia Stott, all of whom are high level  amateur athletes. We have completed  hundreds of hours training together at ridiculous hours in the morning  and sometimes in horrendous weather conditions. Some  may argue that’s what makes it an effort just get to the  start line.

Anyone who has raced Ironman will understand that so much of racing is about training smart. Over the last six  months especially I  have learnt what that is. I didn’t realise how much of the training and event preparation  was understanding concepts that now make so much sense to me and appear so logical. From training,  nutrition, recovery, work, social and mental balance, it’s all connected. It is getting these right, combined with  having the support off the training track, which drives your success.

The swim portion of the race started at Palm Cove some 30 minutes north of Cairns by car. It was two 1.9km rectangular loops off the beach. Conditions were pretty rough and wild. The wind whipped up quite a chop and many competitors had a serious look of concern on their face before the start. We wished each other well and the next thing you know, we were off. I was fortunate to have a clean swim and came out of the water in a strong position.

The second leg was the ride. The course took competitors up the Captain Cook Highway to Port Douglas before returning to Wangetti, back in to Port Douglas and then finally into Cairns for the finish of the 180km’s. The wet and windy conditions combined with the exposed course and humidity made the ride really tough.

The final leg was a three lap, 42.2km run around the Cairns Esplanade. It was great to see so many people out in force enjoying the exciting atmosphere and cheering on all manner of participants. This was an especially difficult time for many including myself as fatigue and exhaustion really began to play a part. I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic support crew up in Cairns supporting my team mates and I along the run. I can’t thank them enough as it really makes a difference when you are deep into a marathon and struggling, having just rode 180km’s and swam 3.8km’s.

Andy 3

The event was well organised and I would like to thank the volunteers who manned the aid stations all day. A special mention must go the team in the Richmond office especially, but all the staff at Income Solutions who encouraged and supported my endeavor. Overall the experience was highly rewarding and one I will never forget.


Andy White
Associate Adviser

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