My Trip to Stanford – A Note From CEO and Founder David Ramsay

I returned last week from my studies in Stanford and would like to share some of my thoughts.

Stanford is the heart of Silicon Valley where the head offices of Google, Facebook and Apple reside. You could say it is the home of innovation.

These days, there are three main narratives impacting investors.


Narrative 1: says that Wall Street caused the Global Financial Crisis and that the U.S. Government saved the economy.

Narrative 2: argues that the U.S. is not really in recovery. Anything good happening out there, a rising stock market or falling unemployment rates, is either a bubble or a lie.

Narrative 3: says that the U.S. Government is using Quantitative Easing (QE), TARP and Government stimulus that has created a bubble.


What is interesting about all these narratives is that they are all government centric. They ignore the role of entrepreneurship.

In the past seven years, fracking has made the U.S. the most productive energy producer in the world. The cloud, smartphone’s, tablets, apps, 3-D printing, genetic mapping and testing, vertical farming and Big Data are all boosting productivity and profits at company after company.

The Federal Government have never fracked a well or 3-D printed a body part, QE didn’t create the cloud or Big Data, entrepreneurs did.


Palo Alto, CA, USA - Sept. 17, 2015: Stanford University Hoover Tower. Completed in 1941, the 50th year of Stanford University's anniversary, the tower was inspired by the cathedral tower in Salamanca, Spain.Palo Alto, CA, USA – Sept. 17, 2015: Stanford University Hoover Tower. Completed in 1941, the 50th year of Stanford University’s anniversary, the tower was inspired by the cathedral tower in Salamanca, Spain.


One of those entrepreneurs, Bill Gates, says we are on the verge of 3 amazing technological advances which will be the key drivers in economic growth.

  1. Advanced Robotics – In the U.S. manufacturing between 1993 and 2007 robots accounted for more than one tenth of total GDP growth over this period.



  2. A Cure for Alzheimer’s – The disease costs the U.S. 230 Billion per year, mostly to Medicare and Medicaid. A cure would immediately alter the budget of every state in the country, not to mention millions of lives.
  3. Super Cement – advances in materials science means for how you build things, how long it lasts, we are going to be able to build infrastructure that lasts 10 times as long as the cement rebar approach that we have today.


With all that economic pessimism, it is sure great to have visited the epicenter of innovation. This innovation will continue to provide long term shareholders with a growing income stream to live the lifestyle they desire.

Associate by Day, Ironman by Night

Our very own Associate Adviser, Andy White, crossing the line of the Ironman Challenge
Our very own champion associate in Richmond, Andy White, competed in the Ironman Championships in Cairns earlier this month. The entire Income Solutions staff are very impressed and proud of his efforts!
Here’s a recap of his experience.


Andy 2 On Sunday the 12th of June I raced in the Ironman Asia Pacific Championships in Cairns. A great deal of preparation in the months prior had gone in to ensuring I was physically and mental prepared for the day. I came from an endurance sporting background, having rowed at a national level in my youth. I transitioned into long distance triathlon as a means to continue my competitive  pursuits and engage in something challenging  but highly rewarding.

I have competed in many half Ironman distance races and was encouraged to give the full distance a go by my  training partners;  Tom Clarke, Marcus Albiston, Michael Boffa & Georgia Stott, all of whom are high level  amateur athletes. We have completed  hundreds of hours training together at ridiculous hours in the morning  and sometimes in horrendous weather conditions. Some  may argue that’s what makes it an effort just get to the  start line.

Anyone who has raced Ironman will understand that so much of racing is about training smart. Over the last six  months especially I  have learnt what that is. I didn’t realise how much of the training and event preparation  was understanding concepts that now make so much sense to me and appear so logical. From training,  nutrition, recovery, work, social and mental balance, it’s all connected. It is getting these right, combined with  having the support off the training track, which drives your success.

The swim portion of the race started at Palm Cove some 30 minutes north of Cairns by car. It was two 1.9km rectangular loops off the beach. Conditions were pretty rough and wild. The wind whipped up quite a chop and many competitors had a serious look of concern on their face before the start. We wished each other well and the next thing you know, we were off. I was fortunate to have a clean swim and came out of the water in a strong position.

The second leg was the ride. The course took competitors up the Captain Cook Highway to Port Douglas before returning to Wangetti, back in to Port Douglas and then finally into Cairns for the finish of the 180km’s. The wet and windy conditions combined with the exposed course and humidity made the ride really tough.

The final leg was a three lap, 42.2km run around the Cairns Esplanade. It was great to see so many people out in force enjoying the exciting atmosphere and cheering on all manner of participants. This was an especially difficult time for many including myself as fatigue and exhaustion really began to play a part. I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic support crew up in Cairns supporting my team mates and I along the run. I can’t thank them enough as it really makes a difference when you are deep into a marathon and struggling, having just rode 180km’s and swam 3.8km’s.

Andy 3

The event was well organised and I would like to thank the volunteers who manned the aid stations all day. A special mention must go the team in the Richmond office especially, but all the staff at Income Solutions who encouraged and supported my endeavor. Overall the experience was highly rewarding and one I will never forget.


Andy White
Associate Adviser

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