Associate by Day, Ironman by Night

Our very own Associate Adviser, Andy White, crossing the line of the Ironman Challenge
Our very own champion associate in Richmond, Andy White, competed in the Ironman Championships in Cairns earlier this month. The entire Income Solutions staff are very impressed and proud of his efforts!
Here’s a recap of his experience.


Andy 2 On Sunday the 12th of June I raced in the Ironman Asia Pacific Championships in Cairns. A great deal of preparation in the months prior had gone in to ensuring I was physically and mental prepared for the day. I came from an endurance sporting background, having rowed at a national level in my youth. I transitioned into long distance triathlon as a means to continue my competitive  pursuits and engage in something challenging  but highly rewarding.

I have competed in many half Ironman distance races and was encouraged to give the full distance a go by my  training partners;  Tom Clarke, Marcus Albiston, Michael Boffa & Georgia Stott, all of whom are high level  amateur athletes. We have completed  hundreds of hours training together at ridiculous hours in the morning  and sometimes in horrendous weather conditions. Some  may argue that’s what makes it an effort just get to the  start line.

Anyone who has raced Ironman will understand that so much of racing is about training smart. Over the last six  months especially I  have learnt what that is. I didn’t realise how much of the training and event preparation  was understanding concepts that now make so much sense to me and appear so logical. From training,  nutrition, recovery, work, social and mental balance, it’s all connected. It is getting these right, combined with  having the support off the training track, which drives your success.

The swim portion of the race started at Palm Cove some 30 minutes north of Cairns by car. It was two 1.9km rectangular loops off the beach. Conditions were pretty rough and wild. The wind whipped up quite a chop and many competitors had a serious look of concern on their face before the start. We wished each other well and the next thing you know, we were off. I was fortunate to have a clean swim and came out of the water in a strong position.

The second leg was the ride. The course took competitors up the Captain Cook Highway to Port Douglas before returning to Wangetti, back in to Port Douglas and then finally into Cairns for the finish of the 180km’s. The wet and windy conditions combined with the exposed course and humidity made the ride really tough.

The final leg was a three lap, 42.2km run around the Cairns Esplanade. It was great to see so many people out in force enjoying the exciting atmosphere and cheering on all manner of participants. This was an especially difficult time for many including myself as fatigue and exhaustion really began to play a part. I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic support crew up in Cairns supporting my team mates and I along the run. I can’t thank them enough as it really makes a difference when you are deep into a marathon and struggling, having just rode 180km’s and swam 3.8km’s.

Andy 3

The event was well organised and I would like to thank the volunteers who manned the aid stations all day. A special mention must go the team in the Richmond office especially, but all the staff at Income Solutions who encouraged and supported my endeavor. Overall the experience was highly rewarding and one I will never forget.


Andy White
Associate Adviser

Why Income Solutions?

Even as a young child I was quite good at putting aside money and saving for things rather than, as most children do, getting my pocket money and spending it on lollies or other sweets.

Throughout my primary and secondary school years I enjoyed maths and problem solving. When I was in year 11 and starting my VCE studies, as one of my electives I chose to study accounting. I also started part time night studies to complete a Diploma of Financial Services, at The Gordon (TAFE). Once I completed VCE studies, I changed to full time at TAFE and before I knew it my Diploma was complete.

I was having trouble finding a job when a friend suggested to me that I give my resume to David Ramsay at Income Solutions. I was a bit unsure of giving a resume to them, as I had not done much study in Financial Planning. However I was lucky and was asked to come in for an interview. It was my first job interview and was very nervous, but David took me ‘under his wing’ and provided me with the opportunity to study a Diploma of Financial Planning. With the assistance of David and the Team at Income Solutions I successfully completed the Diploma.

Even though I’ve always been a good saver, I have learned so much from working here. Income Solutions taught me to invest in myself through study and hard work. I am also building my wealth and on my way to securing a financially stable future. Income Solutions can also do this for you. I know how much effort our staff put into helping clients reach their financial goals and how important it is to provide a valuable ongoing education to our clients. So, why Income Solutions? We think that this “ongoing education” is what sets us apart from other Financial Planning firms in Geelong and Melbourne.

Want to find out more about us and how we can help you? We hold regular information sessions every month – so head to our website and register for one of those, or book in for a free appointment with one of our fantastic Financial Planners.

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Ash Irwin, Associate Financial Planner

Nick Cooper – we’ll miss you – mostly ;)

Nick Cooper blogWe had BIG news in June.  When you work in the world of financial planning, the media is always making news BIG …..generally BIGGER than it needs to be and normally peppered with their special brand of doom & gloom spin.  So, BIG news is nothing out of the ordinary.  This time, however the news was closer to home.  Very close in fact because Nick Cooper, announced his retirement!

We must admit it didn’t come as a huge shock – Nick was already “semi-retired”, working 2 days a week.  I have worked with Nick for 25 years and when he finally made his decision to retire it prompted me to think about the things I will miss about him when he’s gone.  And some things I won’t miss.

I WILL miss Nick’s company.

I WON’T miss him hanging over the side of my desk to tell me EVERY “important” thing he can think of.  Let me tell you, there’s a lot of “important” stuff happening in the world of Nick Cooper!  And telling him to “go away” doesn’t even work!

I WILL miss Nick’s reliability and sense of duty – if something needs to be done, investigated or followed up, he’s the man to go to.  Big or little job.  Hard or easy job.  He even normally does it without complaining.

I WON’T miss Nick’s singing and dancing.  How does that man know the lyrics to every song that’s played on the radio?  Worst still when he used to play the Moody Blues at ear splitting volume and sing along to that.  Painful memories there for sure.

All jokes aside, Nick and I have worked together for a very long time and the thing I will probably miss the most is the ease of relationship you have when you’ve worked with someone for that long.  We can’t offend each other – we’ve tried and it’s like water off a ducks back.  We can have tantrums with each other and we don’t even have to apologise afterwards.  We’ve built up a form of unspoken language where one look can say much more than words ever could.  As Nick would say, “he’d get less for murder” or even worse “it’s like he’s got two wives, both telling him what to do”.

Amazingly, Nick has only ever had two jobs:  starting as a young cadet in the RAF before transferring to the RAAF and achieving the rank of Flight Lieutenant; and financial planning, where humble Nick won’t give you any clues but he did achieve quite a few accolades along the way.  Nick decided to start studying while he was in the RAAF and completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting.  Not too long after his studies were completed, he decided to leave the RAAF and try his hand at financial planning.  Nick took a position as a junior planner at a planning firm in Dandenong, where he was taken under the wing of planner Dilip Dutt, with whom he remains firm friends to this day.  Nick then decided that a tree change to Geelong was in order and took up a partnership opportunity with Geoff Peach in Lara (at this time he made the best business decision of his career by hiring me!).  There has been a few business reincarnations along the way, eventually leading where he is today at Income Solutions.   And it has been a ride with a few twists and turns – probably the biggest challenge being Nick’s horrific accident.  Sometimes from bad things, good things can shine – Nick generally understates the severity of that accident but he was lucky to survive it.  He displayed so many of his positive traits to get through that time – determination, strength of character, perseverance.  Plus he proved what we all knew – his tough head was no match for a car windscreen!  As he’ll readily tell you – he won that battle, not the car.

I know it’s with great pride that Nick will tell you that many of his original clients are still his clients today and they are the reason he’s stuck around for so long. While he’s sad to say goodbye, he’s confident he’s left them in good hands.  All good things to come to an end and I’m glad Nick’s decided it’s time to do some things for himself.  He’s going to tick off some bucket list items – a couple of cruises around this beautiful world we live in and if you’re travelling on the roads look out for the old bikie putt putting past you on his motorbike!  Give him a wave when you see him.


By Alison Adams, Business Development Manager

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