Grow your tree and pick your fruit

As spring in now here and some of us are beginning to see our gardens with new eyes, especially as we witness blossom beginning to form on fruit trees, the analogy of an apple tree that Income Solutions applies to building a capital base easily comes to mind.    

The capital base that we build through an investment in our self, career or business provides us with the tree that will grow the fruit that we can pick to become our income into the future.    This income will allow us to take a holiday, help children and grandchildren or spend money on projects or opportunities.      

At Income Solutions we believe that it makes sense and is more beneficial to pick the fruit off your tree, your capital base, rather than lopping a limb off your tree when you require an income.    Income Solutions has been committed to this financial concept for over 30 years, building our clients capital base has allowed our clients to enjoy long term fruits and generational wealth rather than a short term view that can, over time deplete and eventually kill their capital base and income. 

In growing your tree, your capital base, Income Solutions believes that the roots should be firmly planted in a consistent, reliable, tax effective, worry free ‘soil’ that provides you with an income for life!   

This concept has allowed our clients to find the joy in the process of what they are growing, whether it is their capital base or their fruit trees.   There would be little joy in waking up each day and stressing over whether nature has blown a few leaves to the ground, and the same applies to our capital base, what is the joy in stressing every day in the short term movements of shares?  Which by their very nature will move up and down on a daily basis.    

Income Solutions has continued to grow and thrive by working with clients to invest in a capital base that provides long term harvests that they can savour and benefit from into the future, rather than the feast and famine approach of short term speculation.   

Please click on the following video to hear from David Ramsay, Financial Advisor at Income Solutions detailing how this investment philosophy can work for you:

Invest in YOU and create a life of possibilities

At Income Solutions we believe that there is no greater investment you will make than an investment in YOU.

Building upon your skills and knowledge for a future full of possibilities often requires discipline, money, further education and time. However, the rewards can truly transform your life, providing you with choices that simply would not have been an option without your personal investment and endeavour.

Today, personal endeavour and investment can be seen first-hand in a new COVID19 world, the investment people are making in new technologies has reinvented the way we learn and run businesses, together with changing the way we work and live within our homes.

Investing in YOU and increasing your skill and knowledge base will provide you with one of the best possible tools to successfully navigate change.

Click on the following video link to be reminded that investing in yourself is a lifelong process, and the possibilities and “Maybe’s” it gives you is always relevant no matter how young or old you happen to be:


Click on the above link to read

 ~ SEPTEMBER 2020 NEWSLETTER  ~ Getting retirement plans back on track…. and more

Recession ~ What does it really mean?

Australia’s first recession in 29 years was confirmed on 2 September 2020, as the nation recorded its second quarter of economic decline.

While the headlines sound scary, for the equity market outlook, the recession actually means relatively little. The Macquarie Investment Analysis Team have released an incisive analysis, which we have summarised for you below.

The Macquarie Investment Team have concluded that while investors should not completely ignore the negative growth, “extraordinary levels of monetary and fiscal support have fuelled a bull market in risk assets (equities) that…for the most part has differentiated between structural (and cyclical) winners and losers”.

This is due to the following factors:

  1. The equity market is forward looking and leads growth declines and recoveries, by somewhere between 2-3 quarters
  • While the hit to economic growth is concerning, the path forward is now more relevant.
  • If 2Q20 marks the low point, then the equity market may already be well on its way to recovery.
  • Additionally, COVID-19 has accelerated distinction meaning that some sectors, noticeably technology and healthcare, have risen substantially as other have been declining. This has provided for a significant tailwind for the market.
  1. The recession has not been driven by a build-up and purging of excesses
  • There has not been build-up and purging either within the economy (i.e. excess inventory) or the financial sector (i.e. excess leverage or speculative activity).
  • This is positive, because there will not be the traditional need for time to unwind excesses and normalise for imbalances – instead, as mobility picks up, so too will economic activity.
  1. Household income has actually increased through the downturn
  • This increase has been supported by unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal policy support, loan and rent deferrals as well as early superannuation withdrawals.
  • While the removal of these income supports will put increased downward pressure on the consumption outlook, they have worked well, providing a base to support spending as conditions begin to normalise and through the transition from government assistance to employee compensation.
  1. Capital markets have been open and functioning
  • This has meant that unlike some downturns where dislocations in credit markets are the accelerator of weakness, this has not been the case during the COVID-19 scare.
  • Australian corporates have tapped capital markets at an unprecedented pace, not only reflecting the scale of the hit to earnings, but also, the scale of liquidity on offer as well as the cost of raising capital which had fallen dramatically for both debt and equity.
  • This means many corporates are now well placed to leverage a rise in demand without having to restructure.
  1. The economy is not the equity market
  • Some of the hardest hit sectors, such as tourism and education, are barely represented within the equity market.
  • Others that have remained exceptionally strong.
  • Obviously, Financials are dragging the performance of the market down, but banks are are in much better shape to absorb a potential rise in bad and doubtful depts (providing a floor for valuations) compared to the GFC where banks faced liquidity and solvency concerns.

As always, be carefully sceptical with scary news headlines and think deeper into the actual implications and what it means for you and your long term plan, and as always, if you’re not sure, ask our team!

Stay safe and well,

The Income Solutions Team

A Family Tree to grow and build a Legacy of Love

Leaving our wealth to the people we love the most can reflect the thoughts and feelings of our lifetime.

These thoughts and feelings maybe invoked by the arrival of a new child or grandchild? or maybe just a glimmer of intuition on a lovely sunny day that we might not always be around to offer support to the people we love the most?

Putting in place a multi-generational financial plan that equates with generational wealth creation may not only provide for your children and grandchildren, but has the potential to provide life changing opportunities for those family members into the future that you might never actually get to meet!

To provide the people you love the most with the opportunity of continuing their own Legacy of Love use the following video to revise your Family Tree:

Are your goals on track??

You sat down some years ago, either with your family or as an individual, and clearly articulated and documented your goals?   Great and well done you!   maybe it is now some years ‘down the track’…… and have you really gone back to review;  

1) what these goals were  

2) how you are tracking towards achieving them  

3) if these goals are still relevant for you some years later! 

Tracking your articulated goals is an important part of providing you with the reality of your current situation.  Further, goal tracking keeps you motivated and brings your goals into your everyday awareness and decision making.    

The following Income Solutions ‘Accessing Past Presentations’ Video will show you how easy it is to access your past Income Solutions Presentations,  allowing for a unique ‘snap shot’ into your past goals outlined and how this equates ‘down the track’ today!    Click here, to ‘Access Past Presentations’ :

Muhammad Ali and Income Solutions together on Goal Setting….

Are your goals big, hairy and audacious? Or just the beginnings of a winding path you have decided to take the first steps down? Either way, Income Solutions and the great Muhammad Ali get you to reflect on the importance of articulating what it is you want to achieve. Follow this link to read; ‘Be like Muhammad Ali. Articulate your goal for success’:

Click on the above link to watch this 1.38 minute presentation by our Principal, David Ramsay, who outlines how easy it is to get started to articulate and revise your goals.

Right NOW…. you can have some fun creating the future you want to live…. tomorrow!

Human Kind no Stranger to Adversity

Income Solutions invites you to view the following short video as it is important to remember that while staying safe, ‘Human Kind is no Stranger to Adversity’ and in times of challenge we have always come together, each generation, to recover, build bridges and start over to dream… grow… achieve :

Five healthy facts to keep you at your best

At Income Solutions we spend a lot of time coaching our clients to define their ideal lifestyle.  The arrival of coronavirus in our world has seen us deal with changing times and enforced restrictions that have impacted our lifestyle.  In this article, we look at the common sense ways we can stay healthy and focused to help us navigate through these times:

There are a million health and fitness plans out there, but which ones work and which ones are just fads?  Here are five simple facts to help you make your own decisions when it comes to living a healthy and happy life. 

  1. Get the right amount of sleep

How much sleep is enough?  According to the Sleep Health Foundation, sleep is the fundamental pillar to good health with the recommended amount of sleep for adults remaining around the 8 hour mark.  However, different studies indicate the healthy optimum sleep time per night ranges from 6.5 to 8.5 hours. 

Researchers at the University of California in the United States have found those who sleep for 7 hours a night have the greatest life expectancy.

Something else to consider is that people who get up at the same time each day, regardless of the time they have gone to bed, are proven to have higher productivity and alertness levels than those who wake at irregular times each day. 

  • How fit do I have to be to live a long and healthy life?

In his 1926 book ‘Endurance’, strongman athlete Earle Liederman wrote: “Every man should be able to… swim far enough, run fast and long enough to save his life in case of emergency and necessity. He also should be able to chin himself a reasonable number of times, as well as to dip a number of times, and he should be able to jump a reasonable height and distance.”

Maybe his views were a little extreme, but in general terms a healthy young adult should be doing a reasonable mixture of aerobic exercise and strength activities each week.  Fitness experts suggest anywhere between 3 to 4 one hour aerobic exercise sessions per week.  Essentially, it comes down to you, so keep moving and keep yourself strong.

For more information on how much exercise you should be doing, visit the federal health department’s website:

  • What is good nutrition?

If you believe the hype, there’s any number of super foods you should be consuming or strangely named vegies you should be slurping down in liquid form on a daily basis.  Do they do the job?  Well, who really knows? 

The federal government offers a great resource in the form of the Eat for Health website providing Australian Dietary Guidelines and advice about the amount and kinds of foods that Australians need to eat for health and well being.

  • Reduce the stress – aim for happiness

In simple terms (and in the words of an old song): “eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive”. 

If stress is being caused by your job – look at ways to improve the situation or even look for a new job.  If stress is being caused by a relationship, address the issues to reduce the stress. 

Stress can cause an array of negative impacts on your life and general well being.  Firstly there are the medical impacts like increased blood pressure, sleep issues, problems with your appetite, body aches and pains; there are even links to heart disease and stroke.  But there are also the impacts on your personal life.  Stress can cause irritability, affect your concentration and impact your attention to detail – these, in turn, can affect your performance in your job and your relationships.  In extreme circumstances stress can lead to depression and other mental health issues.  See you doctor if stress is overwhelming you.

  • Lifestyle – everything in moderation

Socialising, partying and enjoying yourself are part and parcel of the journey of life.  However, there are times when you eat too much, drink too much and things can get out of control.  Too much of this lifestyle can negatively impact your general well being.  As with most things in life, enjoy everything in moderation. 

It’s also important to ensure you take time out for yourself – perhaps you enjoy reading, meditating, yoga, having a massage or even some TLC at the beautician.  Make sure you take some time to ‘relax and refresh’ as often as you need it.

Above all, a healthy and balanced lifestyle leads to health and balance in other areas of your life – from relationships to your social life to your job and even your performance in sports and activities.  Setting yourself up now will ensure a happy and healthy you for many years to come. 

So remember, goals can change and sometimes it takes a big life event, or as we are now seeing, a big world event, to help us focus on what is important to us.  If you are an existing Income Solutions client, we invite you to log into MySolutions and ensure the goals you have recorded remain true to you.  If you are not an existing Income Solutions client, we invite you to get in touch with us.  Would love to work with you to help you define your lifestyle and financial goals!

This information has been prepared by GWM Adviser Services Limited ABN 96 002 071 749 AFSL 230692, a National Australia Group Company, 105-153 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia.

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