September 22, 2017 Paula Benson

You don’t need money to start investing

Kane Leersen is an authorised Representative, GWM Adviser Services Limited, Australian Financial Services Licensee

I regularly hear people stating that they do not have enough money to start investing. Anyone can start investing, right at this second. You don’t even need money to start investing. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? You might not believe me, but this is fact. Investing in yourself, your family and your future.

Now before you start shaking your head and muttering that I have lost my marbles, bear with me and I will tell you how you can do this with three different ways, anyone can start investing, and by anyone, I mean anyone. Teenagers, parents, millionaires, grandmas and granddads.  So no excuses because this applies to you. I will give you the strategies, but then it’s up to you to take responsibility.


1. Start investing in yourself. 

Now, this is the easiest and the hardest investment to make, it’s also the most rewarding and by far the most valuable. You can start nice and simple and slowly progress it from there. Your first investment in yourself is to finish reading this article. Open up your mind to different ideas and strategies. Go onto,,, or pop into your local book store and purchase any book that piques your interest. Read what ever your heart desires. Personal development, sci-fi, autobiographies, finance, marketing. It doesn’t matter what it is, just read as much as you can. Learn from other peoples experiences, highlight words you don’t understand, write questions on the side of the page.

The next step, when you are feeling ready, enrol in that course you always wanted to do. Make sure, no matter how long it takes you, finish that course. Then maybe find another course, never stop learning. Find yourself a mentor, someone doing something you have always wanted to do and ask them how they have done it, why they do it and what have they learnt from these experiences. Turn up to work early and tell your boss that you want to be the best employee that you can be.

All of these little investments eventually add up and they make you the rare and valuable asset. Remember, every day we are going to work we are trading our time for money. By being the best that you can be, you will make your time as expensive as possible.


2. Invest a few dollars, regularly

Now that you have started investing in yourself you can start to invest some money for your future. Maybe you have received a payrise, or picked up a few extra shifts.

Now the next step.

To start investing money you do not need hundreds of thousands of dollars, you don’t even need thousands of dollars. Many of my clients start investing in the hundreds, the trick is to do it regularly, don’t try and be too clever and most of all ask for advice if you are not quite sure.

I have recently purchased the 300 biggest companies in Australia, 300 of the biggest and brightest companies built by some of the best brains in Australia. The best part is, these companies are going to pay me to invest in them! Imagine, this investment returns around 10% for shareholders over the next five years. If I contribute $200 a week this means I will be investing $10,400 a year. On a 10% rate of return, I could have $69,842 invested in five years time. Not a bad investment, when we consider the early years of compounding returns are the hardest!

3. Invest in your superannuation

In Australia it is compulsory for businesses to pay 9.5% of your wage into a superannuation account for your working life. The reality is many Australians don’t understand the impact of what our employers are doing for us. Many people haven’t consolidated multiple superannuation funds into one account. They don’t ensure that they have appropriate levels of insurance to protect their family if something goes wrong. They have no idea that they can invest in just about anything they want inside of their superannuation, no different to everyday life.

Yes, inside super we can buy shares, we can buy property, we can have term deposits. We don’t have to rely on the default option. You can even put more money into superannuation to help it grow by salary sacrificing from your wage before you have paid tax. You can also contribute your inheritance after you have paid tax.

So my challenge to you is to step up, and take charge. I don’t want any excuses. We all know life can be hard sometimes, but we also must be thankful that we are living through a period of time that has generously provided us with an abundance of wealth. Think of running water, electricity, employment, aviation and globalisation for example.

So please master these three investments. Invest in yourself, start investing a little a lot and understand what your superannuation is doing. It is simple and incredibly effective. Fortunately or unfortunately, it requires discipline, commitment and understanding.

Good luck.


Any advice in this publication is of a general nature only and has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal advice prior to acting on this information. The information in this document reflects our understanding of existing legislation, proposed legislation, rulings etc as at the date of issue. In some cases the information has been provided to us by third parties. While it is believed the information is accurate and reliable, this is not guaranteed in any way.  Opinions constitute our judgement at the time of issue and are subject to change. Neither, the Licensee or any of the National Australia group of companies, nor their employees or directors give any warranty of accuracy, nor accept any responsibility for errors or omissions in this document. Before making a decision to acquire a financial product, you should obtain and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) relating to that product. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. 
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