May 18, 2022 Julie Hyslop

Two Simple Steps to Building Wealth

“Never Spend all that you earn.
Always borrow less than you can afford.”
~ Peter Thornhill

The above advice has never been more relevant in the current climate of the rising costs of living and interest rates. However, it doesn’t really matter what the current financial parameters, if you keep spending more than you earn, borrow to the brink of what you can afford and don’t invest wisely and with expertise to help your money grow, most likely you will eventually run out of it!

This is not only great financial advice for people on low or restricted incomes, but people on higher incomes can also often be tempted to spend more than they earn and think it will not catch up with them, however the law of mathematics ensures that it usually does! This same mistaken confidence can also propel people into borrowing to the very limit of what they can afford rather than borrowing enough for what they need, forgetting that interest rates over the long term will not remain static but will steadily be adjusted both up and down over the long-term.

By adhering to the above simple two financial principals, you may be able to develop plans to invest in both yourself and to begin establishing investment plans and goals. Secondly, by borrowing less that you can afford you further free up income that would be going towards interest payments and have the peace of mind of not being under financial stress each time interest rates might rise even .05%.

At Income Solutions it is often stated that an investment in yourself is the best investment you will ever make
Mindfully using some of your savings to invest in your career, education or general wellbeing will improve your focus and give you the tools to work towards your long-term goals. Working in partnership with our clients we have never come across anyone who has told us they regret studying or training to improve and update their qualifications or skills.

Also, consider making your money work as hard as you, history and figures show an investment in a balanced share portfolio (SP500*) over the last 20 years will provide larger returns than simply parking your money in a savings account or term deposit:

– $10,000 invested over 20 years in shares (*SP500) = $50,913.05 ~ a return of 8.06%
– $10,000 invested over 20 years in term Deposit = $18,208.00 ~ assuming a 3% return
(3% is generous considering the current Term Deposit rate is approx. 1% and less for funds over $250,000)

And while past performance may not be a predictor of future performance, history can provide us with a guide to make informed decisions and choices. For further information refer

As a client of Income Solutions you will be provided with a proven and successful investment framework that has been developed over 30 years together with qualified and experienced expertise from financial planners and advisors who are licensed and compliant to the highest industry standards.

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